Repair requests

Any time something in the residence no longer works or is broken, submit a repair request to us. You can do this electronically, or by phone: +31 (0)43 328 45 45.

Not at home?

If you have made an appointment with one of our technicians and you are not at home when they call, you will be charged €15 for the appointment. You will be able to pay this amount in cash when the technician returns for your repair. To arrange this, make a new appointment with Servatius.

Urgent cases

If a matter is urgent, you can ring the +31 (0)43 328 45 45 service number even after business hours. Your call will then be forwarded to the caretaker on duty. You will first hear the message that the Servatius offices are closed; stay on the line, because you will then be connected to the staff on duty. 

Calling services directly

For acute issues such as broken windows, central heating outage (including gas water heater/boiler), drain blockages, or problems with lifts, you can contact the appropriate contractor/service directly. 

Glass damage

Rob Felix Glas +31 (0)43 343 08 86 (Maastricht)

Central heating

The maintenance sticker or maintenance log can be found on or at the central heating unit. It will list the contact information for the technician, which you can ring directly.


You can ring RRS directly on +31 (0)475 311 311. If you have a tenant's maintenance contract and the blockage was not caused by incorrect use of the drains, then the costs will be covered. 

Lift malfunctions

If there is a problem with the lift, call the lift technician. At every complex, a map of the complex can be found. The phone number of the lift technician is listed on this map. You can also call Servatius at +31 (0)43 328 4300. We can then notify the appropriate firm of the issue.